ScoutingForFoodPantrySince 1986, Wellesley Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venture Crews, and Girl Scouts have participated in Scouting’s National “Good Turn”, the “Scouting for Food” program. Each year Wellesley scouts of all ages–from Daisies to Ambassadors and Cub Scouts to High School Eagle Scouts, and from every school district in town–join three million other scouts nationwide to collect food to feed the hungry. All the food collected in our town goes to the Wellesley Food Pantry to help feed community members who rely on the Pantry, including many children. This event generates a significant percentage of the food donated to the Pantry each year and is essential to stocking the Wellesley Food Pantry’s shelves.

In addition to the scouts’ food collection efforts, the program relies on over 230 volunteers (including many scouts and parents) to sort and box the collected donations. Cynthia Scott, a board member of Wellesley Food Pantry, had this to say: “The Food Pantry is so grateful to all who make this day possible. We are so glad to have so many scouts, volunteers, and food donors who have made the effort to assure that we will have enough food to see us through the holidays and beyond.”